Jackie is the real deal! Her reading was so spot-on, I knew she was connecting with me on a deeper level than I expected right away. She gave me so much validation and clarity, it is invaluable to have someone really “seeing” me and confirming I am on the right path and telling me things I could do to achieve more. My reading with Jackie felt like I was sitting with an old friend, one who held space for me so reverently to hear and feel the messages I needed to receive. Her reading has given me so much hope and direction. Thank you for this gift, Jackie!
— Liz Zamorski

Jackie came to our new business and did an energy clearing. It was marvelous and really set a calm and positive tone for our new enterprise! What a great way to start our new endeavor and make the space really feel ready for us.
— Anonymous

Such an intuitive, thought provoking reading with Jackie! Choose the year ahead format to keep a reading alive for 12 months! It was more than interesting and she is so considerate and funny!! We’ll be back again for sure!
— Peggy Kauppi

Jackie is a crystal goddess! Whether I am seeing her for a crystal healing or a card reading I leave my appointment feeling centered, empowered, and like I have a parter on this beautiful journey through life. Jackie’s intuition has been spot on each time. I refer back to notes about my year ahead card reading each month and find immense value in it. I will be a client for life!
— Kaela Gedda

My experience with Jackie was helpful, affirming, encouraging and positive. Jackie provides a safe space, is kind and grounded. She channeled my guides clearly and offered her own interpretations to the reading, which I found accurate, enjoyable, and has stayed with me through future situations. I would recommend her to anyone no matter where they are on the journey.
— Anonymous

Jackie made me feel hopeful. Her card reading made a lot of sense to me and her explanations were very simplistic yet presented in a confident and pleasant manner.
— Anonymous

I have seen Jackie multiple times for crystal healing sessions. I feel like a different person when I leave. I have clarity on issues going on in my life. And I physically feel lighter.
— Tiffany Paavola