What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is a vibrational medicine modality in which the subtle energy frequency emitted from a crystal is used to work with our own energy field to promote physical, spiritual and emotional health and wellness. Our bodies carry a specific vibrational frequency, called a Dominant Oscillatory Rate which is constantly changing based on many factors including our health, mood, environment, diet and more. Crystals also contain this vibrational frequency. The difference is, the vibrational frequency of a crystal is perfect, stable and unchanging. It is for this reason that when crystals are introduced into our energy field, our bodies will actually try to mimic the energetic vibration of the crystal through a process called entrainment. Therefore crystals can help correct energetic imbalances within the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies and promote wellness.

Placing the stones on and/or around the body, helps to promote healing and wellness on a mind, body and spiritual level. We’ll begin your session by chatting briefly about your goals and objectives for the session, as well as any particular concerns that you would like to address. Following the session, we’ll go over your experience as well as any energetic blocks or issues that were identified and what stones and techniques were utilized to balance out those energies along with any recommendations.