Get To Know Me: 21 Random Facts About Me

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I’ve Lived In Las Vegas Twice

Long story short, I’m originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but lived in Connecticut for about two years, where I met my husband. We fell in love and 18 months later, eloped to Vegas. While there, we decided we loved it and wanted to live there so when we got back, we packed up and headed West. We stayed in Vegas for 5 years until we decided we missed Connecticut, so we moved back. A few years later, we welcomed our daughter into the world and started getting the itch to uproot again. After considering a bunch of different places, we landed back in Vegas, because why not? We stayed another 4 and a half years and decided it probably wasn’t the best place to raise a child. SO, the Nees’ made their next move. This time back to my hometown in Michigan, where we’ve been ever since. Ok, so maybe that story wasn’t as short as I planned…

I Hate Math But I’m Obsessed with Numbers

It’s true. Whenever I see a sequence of numbers, my brain automatically adds them to reach a single digit. I then usually look it up to see what the numerology means. Learning numerology is definitely a passion of mine.

I Crave Alone Time

Lots of it! I’m an introvert by nature, an empath, and an Aquarius, so there’s that. I can be in social settings only for a short time before I need to retreat. It overwhelms me and tires me out. I also don’t like a lot of noise, so I try to avoid situations where there’s alot of it.

I'm a Rock Hound

Hello? I’m a Crystal Healer. Of course I love rocks. I happen to live on an island surrounded by the largest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Superior. I’ve always loved being at the lake and from a very young age, my dad instilled my love of rocks. We’d sit on the beach for hours at a time and look for ones that we loved. He taught me how to look for agates, skip rocks and just enjoy the beauty of them. I’ve never met a rock I didn’t like!

The Real Housewives Are One of My Guilty Pleasures

New York, Beverly Hills, OC, Atlanta, awww yeah! Love me some Housewives. I took a break for several years because I indulged in my viewing a little too much. But I recently got back into it and have discovered it’s a way for my teenage daughter and I to bond. RHONY and RHOBH are my two favorite casts.

I Am a Crazy Cat Lady

And Proud of It! I currently have four cats - Mr. Kitty, Regis II, Binx and Aura. Love my furbabies!!!!

I’ve Had the Same Best Friend Since 2nd Grade

Yes! My bestie Catherine and I have been BFF’s for 40 years and counting! I can’t imagine my life without her. Even though we live in different cities (she lives in Chicago), we are still close as ever! Did I mention she’s an award winning photographer? You can check out some of her amazing work on her website.

I Hate Talking on the Phone

Please don’t call me. Just don’t. It gives me major anxiety when the phone rings unless I’m expecting a call. I am also not good at carrying on a casual conversation. So please, please please, if you need to get a hold of me, text or FB message me. Always. Forever. Thank you.

I Need White Noise to Sleep

I’m not a great sleeper, and definitely can’t sleep if it’s too quiet. I have an app on my phone that I turn on every night that actually gives me different color options of noise. My preference is blue noise, FYI. Sweet dreams!

I Wanted to Be Loretta Lynn as a Child

Not even exaggerating. I’ve seen Coal Miner’s daughter several dozen times. I could probably act out the entire movie by myself. When I was little, I would put a sweatshirt on my head and pretend it was long hair, put my mom’s long night gowns on, fire up the record player and channel my inner Loretta. Meeting her has always been a bucket list item and I would love to visit her Hurricane Mills home, not only because it’s hers and gorgeous, but also because it’s very haunted. YES. PLEASE.

My Favorite Song of All Time is Hotel California by The Eagles

As soon as I hear the first few chords on the guitar coming from the radio, I crank it and belt it out! Come on! Sing it with me! “On a dark desert highway…”

I’m a Candy Crush Addict

Don’t judge. It’s another guilty pleasure of mine as well as Candy Crush Soda. I tried to be strong more than once and delete it from my phone. But the candy, it taunted me. If you’re a Candy Crusher, connect with me. I need more lives.

I’m a Punster

Warning: If we’re going to be friends, you will need to deal with my punny bone. I am a master of puns and one-liners. Roll your eyes and groan all you like, it won’t stop me!

When a Song is Playing, I Like to Make Up Different Words

When you’re listening to Adelle while crafting and nobody has any tape: “Nevermind I’ll find some more white glue.” (Someone Like You); When you’re sending your partner out for breakfast, but you don’t know what you want: “Baby, why don’t you just get me a McGriddle” (Meet Me in the Middle); When you just wanna chill out at home: “Pajamas ooh na-na, I like to be in my pajamas ooh na-na” (Havana). These will now show up in your brain whenever you hear these songs. You’re welcome.

I Hate Shopping

If you’re looking for a shopping buddy, I’m sorry to say, I’m not that friend! I hate shopping. I get highly irritated having to walk around a store just looking at things, or trying things on, or waiting for someone else to try things on. I don’t even like grocery shopping that much. I know what I want to go to a store for, I go in, get the thing, and leave as soon as humanly possible.

I Love All Things Paranormal

Growing up, when other kids were reading books by Judy Blume, I was reading books like IT and Amityville Horror. I have always had a fascination with ghosts and haunted places, and have lived in some very haunted houses. My favorite place to hang out is the cemetery. I find so much peace there. Some people like bingeing on Netflix, I binge on ghost hunting shows and go to paranormal conventions.

I Hate Sprinkles

If I want something crunchy on my ice cream, I’ll add nuts, thank you very much! Also cake is on my top 5 favorite food list, but not if it has sprinkles. Nope. No sir. Maybe it’s a texture thing, but I want no part of it. Keep your sprinkles to yourself!

My Favorite Season is Fall

Pumpkin Spice Latte’s, crunchy leaves, cooler weather, Halloween… HELL YES! All of the Fall things.

I’m Obsessed with the Way People’s Lips Move When They Say Words That Have an L in the Middle or End.

Is that weird? Am I the only one that does this? I love to watch people’s mouths when they say words like “middle” or “mail” or “real” or “incredible”. I don’t know where this obsession came from. I know it’s strange. Please still like me.

My Favorite City is New York

I spent a lot of time in New York from the mid 90’s to the early 2000’s. I love it so much. I love the energy, the history, everything about it. If money were no object, and I knew I could have my loved ones around me, I would definitely live there. In a heartbeat.

I Can’t Stand When People Talk About Ears

Maybe it’s because I had a lot of ear infections as a kid, or maybe I’m just weird like that, but please, I beg you, please don’t talk to me about ears. Yours or anyone else’s. I literally feel the blood draining from my head and get dizzy at the very mention of any ear situation.

So there you have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit more about me and my quirky side! Leave a comment below and tell me something fun about you!

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