Why Joy is My Word for 2019

My Word for the Year Is(1).png

I fully admit that planning and taking action steps to achieve goals has never been my strong suit. Something I’m continuously working on for sure, but it’s always been a roadblock to achieve anything I wanted to do, whether it was losing weight or creating a certain amount of income or being more organized. I’d always start out the year with gusto, but soon after, would get a severe case of Bright Shiny Object Syndrome, and well, there goes that. This was closely followed by, “I’m such failure, what was I thinking trying to accomplish that? I’ll never be successful at anything.” I’m an empath. I feel deeply. My brain doesn’t do well with structure and checking boxes. I need to feel and resonate with what the goal represents for me internally or it isn’t going to happen. I just don’t care enough to do it.

When I started choosing to do a word of the year instead, everything changed. The pressure was off to achieve these things I wasn’t so sure I even wanted or knew why I wanted them. I started to connect with what my soul wanted. What it was craving. What word would embody that craving? That was my word. It worked beautifully for me because when I made decisions had experiences, they either resonated with that word or they didn’t. When they didn’t, it was my queue to course correct. Simple. I let my word and my intuition be the guide in what I was allowing into my life and what I needed to let go of.

The thing about a word or intention, is you have to be very specific. Last year my word was growth. Oh boy, I sure got a lot of that! Lots of hard lessons and weeds to navigate through to get me where I am. It was a challenging year on many levels and one I’m happy to leave in 2018!

This year, I got a little more clear on my word and what it meant for me. That word is joy. So simple, and so powerful at the same time. After the heaviness of last year collectively and personally, I was over it. I wasn’t allowing enough joy into my life or finding ways to create it. So, I started contemplating and getting excited. After a reading with a dear friend just before the holidays, she confirmed what I had been feeling. That the energy of 2018 was fading for me and that 2019 was going to be much lighter, more creative and filled with, wait for it…. JOY! Yesssss I thought. That’s my word! 2019 is going to be all about joy.

The idea of joy for me, isn’t just about happiness. It’s so much more. It’s about me learning to say no to people and things that don’t align with my purpose. It’s about doing work that I absolutely love, and learning and growing, both personally and professionally, so that I can continue to do that work and serve my clients well. It’s about surrounding myself with people, things and experiences that fill my soul and light me up and spending less time focusing on people, things and experiences that don’t. It’s about self-care and honoring myself fully. It’s also about shining my light brighter and helping others to find their own joy, whatever that means for them.

There you have it! My word is Joy, and I’m so excited for how that will show up for me this year. Do you have a word or intention for 2019? Comment below and share if you feel called! Wishing you blessings, light and joy this year and always.